Thank you to Phil Riddett and the British Library for allowing us to use such beautiful hold music at Henwick!

We at Henwick Vets would like to acknowledge, with the kind permission of recordist; Phil Riddett (through the Sound and Vision department of the British Library) that we have been able to change our ‘hold music’ for your appreciation and enjoyment to play the ‘Dawn Chorus’ –  described as: ‘A sound portrait of a British woodland at sunrise.’

We have been searching high and low for inspiration for using something more appealing for a while and although, at Henwick Vets- we do endeavour to get your questions and enquiries answered as quickly as we possibly can, at busy times if we do have to put you on hold whilst we sort your requests; then we believe that it should be something happy and relaxing to listen to. We are very grateful of Phil Riddetts recording and are honoured to have it as our ‘hold music’ for the foreseeable future.

The piece is named:  ‘Dawn chorus in a Sussex woodland’ recorded by Phil Riddett and published by the British Library on their compilation CD ‘Dawn Chorus’ (2004).

Online this is described as:

‘The spring dawn chorus in Britain is one of the most celebrated and uplifting sounds in the natural world. The ambient recordings capture the magical awakening of bird-life at daybreak in the British countryside, including: thrushes, warblers, wrens and many other woodland birds.

We hope you enjoy the sounds of ‘Dawn Chorus’ on our telephone system, we look forward to hearing from you soon, don’t forget our phones are open 8am- 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, our number is: 01905 424374.