How grateful are we for our air conditioning this week at Henwick Vets?

This week has most definitely been our hottest for a while and we really don’t know what we would have done without our fantastic, efficient air con in our Henwick surgery.

It’s been so appreciated during long, hectic┬ásurgeries, filled waiting rooms and a busy op’s diary, not only by our staff- but; by our clients and pets alike. It’s been so lovely to see everyone comfortable in the heat and makes us all a little prouder of our new surgery.

Having a cool, calm waiting room has been nothing but a luxury thanks to local company- Young air who fitted our air con ready for these hot Summer days. We appreciate all the hard work that went into ensuring the comfort of everybody at Henwick Vets, day in, day out and this week in particular, we have most definitely felt incredibly grateful for their fantastic product making Henwick the place to be this week with our cool air con!!


We look forward to seeing more happy, chilled out furry friends visiting us at Henwick this week!

Check out our surgery times here!

Enjoy the sun and keep your pets cool and calm!