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Ann Henwick Ann Robinson BVM&S MRCVS – Director of Henwick Vets:

 Ann is an Edinburgh graduate and qualified as a Vet in 1992. She is renowned for her amazing ability to manage everything fantastically at 100mph. She has three daughters- Karousel, Senna and Mouse who she is immensely proud of. Her husband, Mark manages their farm where they raise dairy cattle, keep ponies, 2 cats, 2 dogs and even; a donkey. Ann particularly enjoys rearing the calves on the farm and seeing her daughters compete at horse shows. She is always on the go, she never stops- it’s quite amazing to hear about ‘the day in the life of Ann Robinson’ – it’s tiring just thinking about it!!

Ann has provided support to clients and their animals in Worcestershire for over 20 years and as a caring, dedicated Vet continues to do this- day in, day out. She loves her job at Henwick and offers expert advice to all, leading the team at Henwick Vets to success. She is passionate about delivering a family friendly, approachable service to all and does a grand job at doing just that!

ANN’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Her sheer speed at castration!!!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND ANN: Running around doing 101 things at once.

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ANN IS: She represented Scotland at Ladies rugby!

ANN’S MOST USED PHRASE IS: ‘Excellent, let’s go for it!’


Jeremy Henwick Jeremy Hall BVMS (Hons) MRCVS – Director of Henwick Vets:

 Jeremy is a Glasgow graduate and qualified as a Vet in 2008. Born in Worcester and raised in Bewdley, he loves being a ‘local boy’ and helping Worcestershire pets and owners.

He is a converted ‘smallie vet’ having worked with a variety of farm animals for several years- he has enjoyed Veterinary career to date- from almost losing his wedding ring inside a cow (much to his wife- Anna’s disgust and hilarity!) to treating a ‘sneezing snake’ and a ‘stuffed bird!’

Jeremy has a young daughter- Isabelle who can often be found entertaining the patients in the kennels and cattery. Isabelle keeps Jeremy on his toes and is most definitely a ‘Budding Vet’ already who practises on their poor cat- Bubbles at home! Jeremy is straight talking and committed and enjoys the challenge of not only improving the current scope of services offered at Henwick Vets, but very much enjoys being a ‘Handyman’ behind the scenes improving the technology of the practice!

JEREMY’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Reviving any technological catastrophe!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND JEREMY: Lost in thought, buried in electronics- having just taken a computer to pieces to ‘improve’ it!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT JEREMY IS: He cycled London to Paris and then London to Brussels for Medical Research.

JEREMY’S MOST USED PHRASE IS: ‘Don’t worry, leave it with me- I’ll fix it!


PICTURE TO FOLLOW     Anna Hall– Practice Manager:

Anna has worked for Henwick Vets behind the scenes since 2015, her job started from home- working alongside bringing up her young daughter, Isabelle by building and updating the website and doing various paperwork behind the scenes.

In 2017, as her daughter started pre-school, this enabled Anna to start working at the practice taking on more essential tasks within the Worcester branch and attempting to offload some of the stress/ workload from Ann and Jeremy. At the end of 2017; Anna took on the role of Practice Manager and is very much looking forward to developing this role and progressing with many of the challenges it faces. Anna is excited to keep all the mountains of paperwork, training and negotiation under wraps and learn a little more about the day to day organisation within a busy surgery.

Anna has lived and been schooled in Bewdley since 1999 and loves the town- she feels very lucky to have lived in such beautiful surroundings for so long and as an ex-rower, made the full use of the River Severn and its’ tranquility. When not a work, Anna will be found running around after Isabelle or partaking in sport- she is a keen netballer and captains her team; the Stingers as well as regular swimming and doing the odd gym class when she can fit them in.

Anna is very much looking forward to meeting you all and seeing you around Henwick.



YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND ANNA: Trying to accommodate as many holiday requests as possible, hidden by a pile of documents!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ANNA IS: She studied at 3 Universities, Liverpool, Shanghai and Metz.

ANNA’S MOST USED PHRASE IS: ‘I’ll do my best to make it happen.’


 Kate Henwick   Kate Perkins BVMS MRCVS – Assistant Veterinary Surgeon:

 Kate is a Royal Veterinary College London graduate and qualified as a Vet in 2009. Kate has been brought up on a farm and adores rearing her beef cows- she owns over 100 and prides herself in them all, in particular- her ‘pet cow 130’ who has always been her favourite!

Aside from helping out on the farm and checking in on various family members new additions to their farms, like her cousins lambs for instance. She loves horse riding and has always used her riding as relaxation and time out from everyone and everything.At home, Kate also has 2 dogs, a cat and several chickens to keep her busy on top of everything else she does around the farm- Kate is a real outdoorsy girl who loves to be on the go. She has been a Mr. Denny client for many years and now as a Vet, is incredibly excited to be working for Henwick Vets with their state of the art facilities and working within a fantastic, friendly team!

KATE’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Casting the occasional lambs leg when required!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND KATE: Working incredibly hard on researching difficult cases- we often have to tear her away for a break!


KATE’S MOST USED PHRASE IS: ‘I can’t get too excited about that!’


 Sarah Henwick    Sarah Jones BVSC MRCVS – Assistant Veterinary Surgeon:

Sarah is a Bristol graduate and qualified as a Vet in 2013. We are lucky enough to have secured Sarah joining us at Henwick permanently after a period of time of locuming with us last year. Sarah instantly fit into the team at Henwick and our loyal clients loved her approach to work, we knew straight away that we had to find a way to persuade her to stay as a member of staff!
In May 2017, Sarah started officially with us and we admire her studious, fresh way of learning new skills and she has a lot to bring to the team.

Sarah was brought up in Mid-North Wales on a sheep farm, so has always been hands -on around animals and has excellent first hand knowledge of farmers- day to day struggles and accomplishments. Originally, Sarah had always dreamed of being a farmer as a child mainly due to family ‘ways’- (all of which have different farming backgrounds.) Between her families- they cover most of the farming spectrum, from cattle to sheep to poultry.
One of Sarahs’ best memories of being brought up on a farm is the fact she was allowed to pick a ‘pet sheep’ every now and again. Her favourite was ‘Snowy’ who lived to the respectable age of 15 years old!

Before joining the Henwick family, Sarah had spent a period of time locuming around the area from Malvern across to South Wales and enjoyed the challenges and diversity across the practices that she worked within. Prior to this- she had worked in Ledbury at a mixed practice and enjoyed her time there greatly.

Sarah is now living in Gloucester on a Dairy farm with her partner, Rob and her cat, Bella. Bella is renowned for her successful hunting and their house could also be identified as a ‘mouse cemetery’ at times.
In her spare time, Sarah enjoys running and regularly runs 10km races with her friend. Her partner is a keen cyclist and although, not her favourite pastime, Sarah often finds herself accompanying him, on many a bike ride at weekends. When not running or cycling, another hobby is swimming which she wishes she has more time for, as she used to compete at a Welch National level.

SARAH’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Tracking down new Veterinary research!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND SARAH: With her nose in a textbook, researching the answer to some complex Veterinary debate.

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT SARAH IS: She has recently completed a half marathon.




Kirsty Henwick   Kirsty Kane-  Student Veterinary Nurse:

Kirsty is training with us at Henwick and is due to qualify as a Veterinary Nurse in 2018. Raised and schooled in Droitwich, Kirsty has stayed local in Worcestershire as she trained on the job at Henwick Vets and has learnt so much throughout her time at Henwick, she has also brought new skills, new outlooks on various techniques and assistance and is an asset to the team at Henwick.

Where you find Kirsty, you will find Kirsty’s trustee companion Charlie- they are very rarely apart and have an amazing bond. Charlie is a lovable, super friendly chocolate Labrador who adores people. Kirsty took Charlie on when he was branded ‘aggressive’ but, with Kirsty’s care and training- you would never know. Charlie is one of the soppiest Labradors we’ve met. Kirsty enjoys training him and up until recently, they attended weekly agility classes together.

Kirsty also has a horse- Greenie, who she is excited to get to know and love. Outside of work, you will either find Kirsty walking Charlie, riding Greenie or being banned once again from taking adorable homeless animals back with her!!! Kirsty keeps us all on track and works incredibly hard at Henwick, she is a valued member of the team and always brings a smile to the prep room.

KIRSTY’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Kirsty is our chief cake maker – we tried to name a practice favourite- but, failed, all her bakes are delicious!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND KIRSTY: Working, she doesn’t stop- she’s a real trooper.


KIRSTY’S MOST USED PHRASE IS: ‘I’m starving- I haven’t eaten in a whole hour!’



PICTURE TO FOLLOW   KT Ganderton-  Student Veterinary Nurse/ Evening Receptionist:

We were lucky enough to employ KT from February 2017, she started with us as Maternity Cover, but we quickly learnt that we didn’t want to lose her and extended her contract to a permanent one. She has now started her Veterinary Nurse training at Abbeydale and we are excited to have KT working with us more here at Henwick.

KT is a bubbly, outgoing character who brings fun and a great vibe to the team here, at Henwick. She is a local girl from Martley who was schooled in Worcester and has stayed in the area since. KT was brought up on a sheep farm, so is not afraid to be hands-on around animals and is a complete natural in assisting with this. Her busiest time at home is around lambing season- which she adores, (even at 3am!)

KT’s previous experience has been somewhat varied, nevertheless she has so many wonderful skills to bring to us at Henwick and we are incredibly excited to learn new ways of doing tasks from her to aid the business. She worked in a pub in her teenage years, then she moved on to a horse apprenticeship, which she thoroughly enjoyed and finally, working in a garden centre before finding her feet at Henwick Vets.

Her hobbies are a big part of KT’s life- including playing rounders for her team in Malvern- ‘the firebreathing rubber duckies!’ As well as rounders, she rides horses- she has 2 horses, Boo, 18 and Marshmallow, 6 who keep her busy outside work. She is also from a predominantly, cricketing family following a line of chairmans and has in the past, taken on the role of Secretary at Martley cricket club.

KT’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: KT is a contender for much needed cups of tea, made to perfection!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND KT: In the kennels, treating each and every animal like children!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT KT IS: She once walked 150 miles to raise money for ‘Help the Heroes’




Louise Henwick Louise Gibson- Nursing Assistant:

Louise has worked with us at Henwick Vets since 2014 and from starting as an evening receptionist, has now come back from Maternity Leave as an Animal Care Assistant working incredibly hard to keep the ‘behind the scenes’ sparkling clean, she excels in teeth scaling and polishing and we are very lucky to have her back twice a week.

Louise has lived in Hallow, Worcester all her life and loves giving back to the community she was brought up in. She is married to paramedic, Neil and they have 2 young daughters- Lily and Daisy.

Her girls adore animals are just about as ‘animal mad’ as their Mum. At home, they have a small menagerie of animals imitating ‘Noah’s ark’- they have 2 spaniels, 2 micro pigs, 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 2 chickens and Poppy the cat! Louise is excited to learn and progress with her nursing at Henwick and is most excited about learning more on complex surgery.

LOUISE’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Louise is super speedy with a broom!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND LOUISE: Dispensing the correct drugs before the Vet has even prescribed them, much to their confusion and delight!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT LOUISE IS: She represented the County at high jump when she was still at school!

LOUISE’S MOST USED PHRASE IS: ‘Don’t worry, I’ve already done it!’



Lisa Henwick  Lisa Doyle – Nursing Assistant/ Evening Receptionist:

Lisa joined our team at Henwick in March 2016 and although she commenced with us on evening shifts, she has now developed her skills to becoming a Nursing Assistant and now assists Operations and is wonderful at keeping everything under control out the back, Lisa helps in any way she can around the practice and is an asset to Henwick Vets. Lisa is dedicated, friendly and thoughtful and we are really lucky to have her working alongside us. 

Lisa was born in Worcester and has lived in St. John’s all her life, she has 2 wonderful children, Kristopher, 21 and Megan, 19 who she devoted a lot of her career to, recently Lisa decided it was time to do something for herself now that the kids were older and went to College in Pershore to do her English and Maths and studied Animal Welfare- which is something she’d always been interested in, which led her to Henwick and we are very thankful it did!

Lisa now lives with husband, Steve and her step-children- Declan, 12 and Elliot, 11- so along with her animals- it is a very busy household!! Lisa has 2 Border Collies- Bentley, 2 and Lottie, 4 who up until recently has enjoyed doing Agility classes with. She also has an old Staffie Cross: Alfie, 12 but, says he’s quite happy being cuddled at home! Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and doing a lot of walking. She also can be found cross country running in the woods/ ‘Canni-cross’ which she said is a lot of fun!

LISAS EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Cleaning everything meticulously in the display cabinet and somehow managing to put it all back to the millimetre!!! 

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND LISA: By the Kettle, making much needed cups of tea!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT LISA IS: She completed the YTS scheme in Stable Management and she managed a 10 mile walk for charity recently.



Dee Henwick
Denise Kemp- Receptionist: 

Dee can’t even remember how many years she has been working with the company, but is incredibly proud to be part of Henwick Vets today in their new and improved building. Dee was born and bred in Droitwich and has never moved away from there, she has been married to husband, Doug for an impressive 44 years and lives happily with him with their small holding filled to the brim with animals. When speaking to Dee, she had to have a sit down to list off all her pets and is incredibly proud of each and every one of them!

Dee shares her house with Pip a Yorkie Cross who is a regular visitor at Henwick due to her bad skin, Spot the Springer Spaniel aged 14 and more recently; Nora and Ivy, her german shepherd’s who are puppies at 6 months old! Dee also owns 5 Welsh Cob Horses including 2 of them aged 30+ and currently, 20 Hereford cows, including her ‘pet cow’ – Monica who she claims isn’t her favourite, because she isn’t allowed to have favourites!!! We beg to differ!

She enjoys working in Worcester and in her spare time, she enjoys doing Dog clipping and grooming then, over Christmas she enjoys the challenge of helping with lambing.

DEES EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Being the dog’s body of Henwick!!! 

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND DEE: That’s just the problem, nobody can ever find Dee!!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT DEE IS: She enjoys ballroom dancing and line dancing!

DEES MOST USED PHRASE IS: ‘I’ll do it in a minute.’

Rose Henwick   Rosemary Williams – Receptionist:

Rose originally joined the team in 2011 and after a 3 year break she then returned to the new practice in March 2015- we feel incredibly lucky to have Rose onboard with us, she is a huge asset to the team and brings so many qualities to Henwick Vets. Rose was born in Bradford but, has lived in St. John’s most of her life- she moved to Worcester at the age of 12 and in Roses’ words ‘it’s been a fair few years!!’ Rose brought her 2 daughters-Kerry and Claire up in Worcester and is both incredibly proud of them and all their achievements. At home, along with her partner- Alan- Rose is kept busy by her Cavashan, Poppy, aged 5 and her La-Chan, Tilly aged 2. More recently, Yuki joined the William’s family- Yuki, the white budgie was brought into Henwick Vets as a stray and Rose ‘just had to rehome him!’

Rose is also a Fitness Instructor and has been for over 30 years, she runs classes such as; Aerobics in Worcester and loves it, in her spare time, she enjoys swimming, decorating and gardening.

ROSES EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Making each and every single animal feel loved and fussed over that enters Henwick Vets!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND ROSE: Chatting away to clients about their pets and interests as well as, trying to help as many people as possible at the same time!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ROSE IS: She was a swimming champion at school and used to lead the warm up’s on stage at Race for Life in Worcester.

ROSES MOST USED PHRASE IS: We couldn’t post it on the website!!!!


Clare Henwick

Clare Shepherd- Receptionist:

 Clare joined the Henwick team in February 2016 and we feel privileged to have her onboard. Her chatty, cheerful personality will no doubt bring smiles to our lovely clients and her phenomenal organisational skills are something we are all benefitting from! Clare has lived in Worcestershire all her life; she was brought up in Kidderminster and then, has lived in Bewdley for 24 years- she is excited about her adventure at Henwick.

Clare started out studying secretarial skills and sign language at college and since has worked in various secretarial jobs including 14 years in education whilst bringing her two daughters up. Now her daughters have grown up and are finding their own paths, Clare decided it was time for a change and to follow her dreams of working within a Veterinary Practice.

Her daughters- Emily and Ella are a credit to her, Emily is studying at Edge hill University whilst Ella is currently training in the Healthcare profession. Clare can often be found pacing her front lounge awaiting phonecalls or texts, when her girls are on nights out or ferrying them around to various rowing events. Clare has been married to Mike for 25 years and they enjoy walking their Springers- Lot and Peg at every opportunity. Lot and Peg are working Springers and regularly enjoy helping at the shoots. Clare will be working with us 3 days a week and is excited about meeting Henwick’s loyal clients and as a pet lover, cannot wait to meet a variety of breeds, species and cuddly pets.

CLARE’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Answering the phone quicker than the speed of light!!

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND CLARE: Doting over the client’s pets or trying to steal a cuddle from a cute pet!!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT CLARE IS: She danced for a whole 24 hours solid in aid of charity!



Jo Jeynes- Receptionist:

Jo joined us at Henwick Vets in May 2017 and is a credit to the team. She is without a doubt; the most welcoming, enthusiastic member of our reception team and brings a smile to the face of anyone she comes into contact with. We are over the moon to have her with us and look forward to you all meeting her as you come into the surgery on a Wednesday or a Thursday.

Jo has always lived in Worcester, so we can officially say that she is ‘Worcester through and through.’ We at Henwick pride ourselves on locality, using businesses in the surrounding area, where possible and supporting local people. Therefore; with Jo’s prior presence in the area- it will be lovely to see a familiar face for many of our clients, as they approach the front desk. Jo has never left the Worcester area; she was born and educated there and went on to build a career in Worcester too. 

Jo is married to Darrel who is a Worcester butcher and has worked there ever since she can remember. He enjoys his job greatly and they benefit from a great work-life balance. They also have 2 daughters- Victoria and Lydia who have both grown up and followed their own pathways, yet stayed locally within Worcester thus, they are able to spend plenty of time together. Jo’s family, have a very close relationship- not forgetting her incredibly friendly, Weimaraner- Finley. She can be found most mornings and evenings taking Finley out walking and is renowned for in fact, taking ‘anyone’s dog’ with her. She often walks many neighbours’ dogs too and loves to fuss over them regardless of the British weather!

In Jo’s spare time, she enjoys going to fitness classes. On average, Jo will do around 6 classes a week including; yoga and zumba. Jo loves to keep active and her classes are a big part of her life. In what spare time she has left; from the goodness of her heart, she volunteers at ‘St. John’s Hospice’ on a Saturday afternoon. She has worked there for 5 years and loves to give something back to the community that she has lived in for so long. We feel very privileged to welcome Jo to our Henwick family!

JO’S EXPERTEE SKILL AT HENWICK: Her forte is the genuine enjoyment of interacting with all sorts of clients- (both human and animal form!)

YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO FIND JO: In the Kennels, doting over the admitted dogs reminding herself that she’s not to take them all home to love them forever more!

AN INTERESTING FACT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT JO IS: She converted the old Air raid shelter in Perdiswell into a Youth club with pure determination and grit which is now known as the ‘Young people’s leisure centre.’

JO’S MOST USED PHRASE IS: ‘Jo genius’ – ‘What have you done now?’