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Welcome to Henwick Vets.

Our dedicated team (click here for more details) are here to provide you and your small animals with good honest, affordable, traditional value veterinary care. Henwick Vets offer experience, knowledge and skills, all delivered to you in our new purpose built practice.

Henwick Vets is proud to carry the ethos forward that every client is entitled to – affordable care for their pet.

We are situated to the West side of the river in Worcester and are easily accessible by foot, car and public transport- we also offer a car park for our clients for an easy, stress free visit.

Our enthusiastic vets offer comprehensive care for small animals, backed by our friendly nurses and support staff.

Ann, Jeremy, Kate, Sarah, Dariusz or Caitlin will be happy to treat your pets, making them and you feel right at home.

205, Henwick Road has housed a Veterinary practice for over 50 years, the historic profile for this practice has always been to provide a service, encompassing traditional values & practical care whilst maintaining good value for money and as Henwick Vets we intend to follow and fulfil this view.

Today; our mission does not deviate vastly from that of our heritage and with new facilities, new faces and new technologies-  you are most welcome to attend our surgery as and when you require us and we will be here to assist you.

You will receive care, consideration and expertise for all of your pets requirements.

We very much look forward to meeting you and your pets!


Henwick vets busy waiting room animals pets

A busy waiting room at Henwick Vets!!

Reception Henwick vets busy

And, a glimpse of a busy reception at Henwick Vets!